Alternative or Follow-Up Courses

There are many alternatives to this course as GIS is taught at many Universities and Colleges. Prospective students often ask what alternatives to this course exist, whereas other students want to know what are good follow up coures. On this page I provide an incomplete list of alternatives and follow up courses that focuses on options at Utah State University and/or through ESRI.

Alternative to WATS 4930/6920

At Utah State University

GIS is taught or used in a number of courses from different departments at Utah State. These below are courses that specifically focus on GIS as the primary topic.

 Course    Title
 Cr  Trm Notes:
GEOG 1800
 Introduction to GIS
 4  Fa This is the prerequisite for WATS 4930
 ANTH 6370
 GIS in Archaeology
 3  Sp      
 CEE 5190 / CEE 6190  
 GIS for Engineers
 3  Sp   
 CEE 6440
 GIS in Water Resources
 3  Fa  

A good GIS course focuses on more than just GIS as a tool. However, if you just want to become proficient with the tool itself, ESRI offers some great courses in a condensed format.

Taught Courses From ESRI ($$)

Free Self-Paced Courses

GIS Minor at USU

We offer an undergraduate GIS Minor at USU. See here for requirments.

Short Courses & Tutorials from Others

Follow Up Courses

At Utah State University

There are too many courses to list, which employ GIS skills that you might learn in WATS 4930/6920 or an equivalent. However, here are a few follow ups that you might find useful:

 Course   Title
 Cr TrmNotes:
 BIOL 4750/6750 Introduction to Computer  Programming and Database Management for Ecologists
 3?    Fa
See announcement here.
 CEE 2240
Engineering Surveying
 Sp, Su
Fundamentals of geomatics & tacheometric surveying.
ECE 5930
Small Satellite Imagery Design
 3     Sp.If you want to learn more about the blimp platforms we covered in Lab 8, this is the class!
WATS 5003/ 6003  
Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces    
 Sp.Covers principles of remote sensing - MAY NOT BE TAUGHT AGAIN?
WILD 5750/ 6750
Applied Remote Sensing    
  FaLearn image classification using Imagine
WILD 6900 (section 3)
 GIS Programming with Phython I
 1 FaThis is a great follow up that focuses on geoprocessing and scripting in ArcGIS (5 Weeks)
 WILD 6900 (section 4)
 GIS Programming with Phython II
 1 ??This section focuses on Python scripting with OpenSource GIS libraries (5 Weeks)
 WATS 6850
Restoration Monitoring: Geomorphic Change Detection
This is an ICRRR short course I teach in Logan the week of finals. 3 days.
 Ecology Center
Landscape Genetics
 ?     Sp     Talk to Karen Mock for more information on this course