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GIS in Research

Using maps produced with GIS on the side of the Yampa River to field map geomorphic units and riparian vegetation.

Course Descriptions

WATS 4930/6920 - 3 credits - 10 Weeks

Builds proficiency in geoprocessing in GIS to solve spatial problems. Topics include data acquisition, webGIS, georeferncing, vector & raster analyses, surface interpolation, DEM construction, morphometric analysis, modeling, geoprocessing, and error assessment.

WATS 4931/6921 - 2 credits - 5 Weeks

Students will undertake an independent research project that requires use of advanced GIS, geoprocessing and spatial analytical techniques. Students will present their research at a peer-reviewed poster session and synthesize findings in a mock manuscript for submission to a peer-reviewed journal of their choice.

WATS 6915 - 1 credit - 4 Weeks

This intensive four week crash course in GIS is intended for graduate students who are new to GIS or to serve as a refresher for those have not used GIS for a while. Students will build proficiency in producing maps in ArcGIS and disseminating interactive maps via Google Earth/Google Maps.


  • WATS 4930 - Must Have GEO 1800
  • WATS 6920 - None
  • WATS 4931 - Must have WATS 4930
  • WATS 6921 - Must have WATS 6920 or equivalent experience
  • WATS 6915 - None
Semester(s) Traditionally Offered: Spring. See here for registration information.

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