Course Policies

  • Late work. Any work submitted past the due date will receive an automatic 10% reduction unless due to a pre-approved excused absence. Any work turned in over one week past the due date may not be accepted without prior approval from Shanon Belmont.
  • Working together. You are welcome and expected to work together on homeworks, readings, lab reports and projects. Please take advantage of our forum to post questions and help each other out. However, each student must undertake their own analyses, make their own maps, produce their own figures and prepare their own websites and reports. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Copying figures or text without appropriate citations or permission will not be tolerated.
  • Academic Dishonesty. Use common sense. Don’t cheat.
  • Lack of Paper Handout Policy. You will notice that I very rarely provide you handouts in class. I will not provide you with a paper copy of the syllabus, lab handouts and other materials. The only exceptions to this policy are that I may occasionally provide you a paper handout for an in-class exercise or pop quiz. The reasons for this policy are as follows:
    • Save paper & resources. There are a lot of you and a lot of course materials. Some people like paper handouts, some don't, some don't care. If you want to print materials, you are welcome to do so from this website (see copyright disclaimer). I'd prefer not to waste paper, ink and energy on something you may or may not ever look at again.
    • Dynamic content. The second something is printed, it has the potential to be out of date. By keeping all the course materials/handouts online, they can be updated and/or corrected dynamically through time (you can always refer to the 'Last Updated' date stamp on each page). Plus, this website will be made available to you into the future indefinitely as a resource that you can continue to refer back to (unlike Canvas).
    • Regular Updates. As you will need to access the website regularly to complete the course, this encourages you to interact with the web content more regularly and increases the likelihood that you will learn something new when browsing around the site trying to find something.