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Labs (4930/6920/6915)

Below are links to each of the lab assignments. Please note that many of these lab pages will not be completely populated/updated until a lab is assigned. Even after a lab is assigned, the online instructions may be updated to provide clarifications, fix typos, or elaborate on points of confusion as they arise (so refresh F5 your browser often to override pages stored in your web browser's cache). If you find any problems with an assigned lab, please post a thread to the relevant lab forum on the Class Forum. See here for more information on the lab facilities and here for more information on lab software. WATS 4930/6920 students will complete labs 1-9 below. WATS 6915 students will only complete labs 1 - 4.  

Lab Submission Guidelines

Fieldwork for Lab 10

The poor-man's solution to aerial photography.

In Lab 01, you will learn how to create your own website using Google Sites. You will maintain your own website for at least the duration of the course. All of your lab assignments will be produced as one or more web pages on your website. The GIS maps you produce will either be PDFs (hosted on your website), images or dynamic google maps (specified in each lab's instructions). For each lab, these maps will be embedded in web pages you create so you can share them with anyone. Your primary audience is usually defined for you in your lab assignment, but your TA and Instructor are other obvious target audiences. However, the whole wide world can see your website (if you permit them to) so you should produce something professional that you are proud of and serves secondary audiences of a) fellow students, b) your peer GIS-users, and c) potential future employers or supervisors.

Here are some general guidelines:

  1. What you submit will always be a URL to the appropriate lab in CANVAS. You should test this URL (while not logged in to your site) to make sure that it works. Broken URLs will receive NO CREDIT.
  2. You should consider the six C's both for the creation of individual maps and figures, as well as the overall layout of your web pages and site.
  3. Treat your course webpage as professional site, not as your personal site. This is not an appropriate place for social networking, blogging about personal matters (GIS is fine), or posting any offensive or inappropriate material. There are plenty of other venues for those distractions, and please don't mix this content with your course content.

Lab Grading

Lab grading is described here.

ArcGIS References & File Management Suggestions

In Lab 01, we review a number of basics about ArcGIS and suggestions for how to manage your files, that we strongly recommend you adopt throughout the semester. Please refer back to these references as necessary.