Task 1 - Visualizing Unprojected Data

You've been asked to download the CBW05583_028709_2011-08-15.gdb.zip file, which contains the CBW05583_028709_2011-08-15.gdb file geodatabase for the  Bear Valley Creek Study Site.You were instructed to bring the raw survey data into an empty ArcMap document, and create a map with a measured grid overlay to display the data, denote the different types of data, label the benchmarks, and illustrate that the data is unprojected in an assumed Cartesian coordinate system.  The assumed grid Does Have Units!  Scale can be created for this dataset.  The spatial relationships of the survey points are highly accurate relative to themselves. 

In the video tutorial below, I walk you through some of the critical steps in doing this and explain some details you might otherwise overlook.

Task 1 Pointers

When finished, include a static version of this map in your website. Save your map (maybe as Task 1) and quit ArcMap.

For kicks, use the measure tool on the main toolbar, and measure the distance (meters) between CP1 and CP3.  Make note of the distance and compare to the distance measured after the transformation to test whether the data were skewed or distorted during the transformation to a projected coordinate system.

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