Getting Started & Tips


  • Load up the 10 m USGS DEM you downloaded for Task 1 in Lab 6.
  • If you haven't already, create a hillshade for the 10m DEM and make the DEM semi-transparent with an elevation-style color ramp to overlay over the hillshade (e.g. figure at right).
  • You may wish to add the Big Cottonwood Canyon watershed shapefile you used in Lab 6 to orient yourself.
  • You may also wish to load a USA topographic basemap for reference and to help provide spatial context.
  • It may be quicker to run the morphometric analyses in tasks 2 and 3 if you clip the DEM to the area of interest (e.g. use the watershed itself as a clip - but before you clip anything, think about your final maps and the spatial extent you might want to be able to display).
Don’t panic if the screenshots shown for context in this lab don’t match exactly what you’re doing for the assignment (e.g. different layer names or raster resolutions, etc.).

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