Accessing ArcToolbox

The ArcToolbox is a set of GIS tools that can do most all the things that ArcMap can do, plus some things ArcMap cannot do. ESRI refers to the tasks these tools do as geoprocessing. We will do more with the ArcToolbox in later labs, in particular when we talk more about geoprocessing. For now, we need to know how to access the toolbox. 

ArcToolbox can be started from within ArcMap or ArcCatalog. Unlike in ArcGIS 9.X versions, ArcToolbox can not be started independently as a stand-alone.  If you start ArcToolbox from within ArcMap, whatever processes you run using the toolbox will update automatically in the map. 
To start ArcToolbox, click on the ArcToolbox button . Your should read a quick tour of geoprocessing for an overview of using tools and toolboxes.

We won’t cover these tools now, except to say that it forms an important component of ArcGIS. This floating window may be docked into ArcMap for easy access.