Task 2 - Build Website

WARNING - Google Sites

Google regularly updates and changes their account creation, and google site menu options. Some things may have changed subtly from the video tutorials below. However, the process of creating a site and populating it with content still follows the steps outlined here. 

Step 1 - Verify you have a Google (i.e. GMAIL) account

If you already have a google account and know your credentials (i.e. email address and password), proceed to step 2. Please note, even though Aggiemail uses Gmail, you should use an independent Gmail account for google sites. If you do not have an account, you can do so here or watch the video below:

Creating a Gmail Account

Step 2- Create a Google Site

  1. Log in to your Gmail account (not aggiemail).
  2. Navigate using the Gmail menubar at the top of the page to more -> Sites
  3. You will need to reenter your password and then you will be logged into Google Sites. The video below goes through how we suggest you create your website for this course (you can deviate from this and get fancy at any time... for now we'll keep it simple).

    Creating your website.

Step 3 - Edit Your Home Page & Build Your Lab Page

  1. Next, we'll want to edit the home page to be a little more informative and explain what the website is (see video below). 
  2. We'll then want to create the parent lab page beneath which you will create all of your individual lab pages (eventually, there will be one for each of our 10 labs this semester).
  3. Beneath that, we will create a single lab page, titled something like 'Lab 01 - ArcGIS & WebGIS Intro'. 
This video goes through the above steps.

Step 4 - How would I change the look of my site or share it?

In this video, we go through some of the simple steps you can take to change the look and feel of your website and share it with others. Most of this you can probably figure out just by trial and error.

Wrap Up of Task

That's it for Task 2. For this task, you will be graded using the 6 C's rubric to determine whether or not your website is correct (you included everything that was asked for above and your map is displaying properly), has context (e.g. a home page with a informative description about why this site exists), is convincing (i.e. does what is supposed to do... no broken links), colorful (avoid bold red text on turquoise backgrounds... not that kind of colorful), creative, and consistent. 

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