Task 3 - Publish Maps to Lab Page

Prepare Your Website

  • Bring up your Google Site for this class and log in (if you are not already) so you can edit it. Mine is https://sites.google.com/site/gisdummyclass/.
  • Navigate to your Lab 01 page you created in Task 2.
  • Start editing your Lab 01 page and organize it to present the work you did in Task 1. If you want some tips, watch this video:

Insert and Display Your Image and link to PDF of Map

  • You will use the Insert -> Image command to insert and display the jpg image of the map you produced in Task 01
  • You will use the attachment feature at the bottom of your page to attach the PDF your produced in Task 01 to this page and then you will copy its URL and use it with the Link command to make it downloadable from further up your page (within the body of the page, below the map image). 
  • If you would like some pointers with either of these steps, watch this video:

Make & Upload Your Interactive Map

Making an interactive map is very straightforward.

Making an Interactive Google Map
  • Search for and go to "Google My Maps"  
  • Log in if needed
  • In the upper left click +Create New Map
  • Under "Untitled Layer" Click the "import" hyperlink
  • Choose to Select a File from your Computer
  • Navigate to and select your study site KMZ file.
  • If the map doesn't pan and zoom to Tony Grove, navigate to the correct location and verify the proper display of your polygons.
  • Then notice back on the Google My Maps page that the map and layer are untitled - Give them titles. This is how the interactive map will be labeled on your website, so consider meaningful, purposeful, titles (not "lab 1 map").
  • Notice too that you can choose a different basemap (in Google My Maps)
  • IMPORTANT: Use the Share button (google) to allow the public to view the map, otherwise it will not display on your webpage.
  • Press the 3 buttons to the right of the Map's title in Google My Maps and choose "embed on my site"
  • Copy the HTML code
  • On your website, turn on the HTML view and scroll to the location on the page you want the map to appear > paste the html code.
  • That's it.

Polish up Your Website

  • Mine (https://sites.google.com/site/gisdummyclass/) is rubbish. Take a few minutes and clean up your website so that it conforms nicely to the six C's
  • Make sure you provide plenty of context text to explain your lab clearly to someone who might stumble across your webpage and have no idea what it is for.
  • Copy the URL of your website and submit on the Canvas Assignment 1 page.
  • NOTE: your Google Site must be publicly available or we won't be able to view your site.

Check here that you have everything you need to submit.

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