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Lab Self Paced - ESRI Free Training

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Lab SP


Lab Objectives

This lab has two primary objectives:
  1. Build your proficiency and confidence in teaching yourself how to do some new GIS task.
  2. Help you learn a new GIS skill that might help you in your project that we do not specfically cover in our labs or that you want to learn more about
Meets Course Learning Outcomes 2 & 3.


Choose a topic from ESRI's long list of free online training courses, which

  • Covers a task, skill or tool you need to complete your project
  • Covers a topic that we have not covered in lab or that you feel you need more training on
  • Complete the online training course

What to Submit

  • Produce a lab web page on your website that
    • justifies your choice of training,
    • describes the course and tools (in your own words),
    • shows the products you produced as part of the training, and
    • discusses the analyses this tool might be used for, or how you will use this training in your final project.
Make sure your lab conforms to the general lab submission guidelines. Submit a URL for this lab's webpage.