City of Logan, GIS-Based Story Maps

Tasks: (Note: This initiative could involve several different classes or the same class over multiple semesters)

Using Logan City’s existing GIS maps, create overlay story maps that provide descriptive information about the City. Examples include:

  • City building information (e.g., where to go for specific services)
  • Trails information
  • Parks information
  • Golf course information (e.g., visual representation of each hole)
  • Local points of interest information, including hotels and restaurants

We will use ESRI's new Story Maps platform to package your story and present it, and you can 'publish' your story and use one of ESRI's publications (e.g. ArcNews, ArcUser, ArcWatch) as your target journal for the manuscript requirement of the project. 

Benefits to Logan CityEasily-accessible, interactive, professional-looking information about Logan City


Logan City Coordinators:

  • Chuck Shaw, GIS Department Head: 
  • Mark Nielsen, Public Works Director
  • Russ Akina, Parks and Recreation Director
  • Debbie Harvey, Parks and Recreation Programs Information Rep


USU Faculty: Dr. Joe Wheaton, Assistant Professor, Department of Watershed Sciences,