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Great Maps! from Lab 2

posted Jan 31, 2012, 1:13 PM by Erin Jones
The award for the most consistent maps goes to Avery Cook. Check out the side-by-side of her two maps. You can tell she was paying attention to small details-- the legends use the same colors, even list items in the same order. It makes the data much easier to compare, and is really effective. Excellent work!

The award for best interactive map goes to Nate McPherron. I know you guys struggled a lot with these, so kudos to you all. Nate's map uses crisp white lines to show the hard breaklines, which is a great contrast and even gives the user a sense of the contours of the river.

Some more great maps include those done by Seneca Francis and Josh Larsen. They both are simple, but use symbology to highlight important details (you definitely can't miss the hot pink on Seneca's control points!).