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Spring 2013 Great Maps Lab 7!

posted Mar 5, 2013, 8:28 AM by   [ updated Mar 7, 2013, 6:52 AM ]
Eli Angus  had an exceptional submission for this weeks lab!  He compared point densities between the liDAR versus survey points, in doing this he was able to demonstrate where the survey point density is the highest (in the channel and near beaver dams where they should be). The liDAR was quite the opposite, because in the LiDAR data points were more concentrated on the river banks and fewer point densities in the creek.  

This is a perfect example of why you would want to use the rtkGPS survey method rather than using LiDAR data.  Not only is the resolution  better, (LiDAR 1 meter, rtkGPS 10 cm) the amount of survey points obtained using the rtkGPS survey method is much more flexible in terms of choosing where you would like more accuracy by simply taking more points in that area.  Excellent critical thinking and data analysis Eli!

Lisa Winters  did a great job with lab 7! When comparing the difference between DEM's she made it clear what we are looking at and what resolution each image is along with a short paragraph describing the map.

You can tell that she hasn't forgot about the 6 C's when she created her Water Depth Analysis map.  She has a meaningful title, legend make sense, the scale is in even numbers, a short yet descriptive paragraph, and of course the projection  and sources are there as well.

For Task 2 and 3 her DEM/LiDAR comparison map and channel morphology map are equally good.  She used critical thinking throughout the lab, great work Lisa!