There are lots of places you can turn to for help if you get stuck with labs, don't know how to do something in your project, or need help understanding concepts from reading and lecture. This website is designed to connect you to those resources. There are a wealth of resources on is website built into individual labs and topics. If you find yourself stuck:
  • Come to class and/or lab and get hands on help from a TA, UTF or Instructor
  • Search or browse the online forums for this class to see if someone else has had a similar problem for which a solution has been posted. If you don't find one, post your own questions.
  • Ask your peers! Talk to your neighbors in lab, ask other students questions in the online forums. Remember, extra credit will be awarded for exceptional efforts in helping each other out.
  • Checkout the Additional Resources Links at the end of each lab
  • If you need help finding resources, checkout our GIS Class LibGuid
One of the most important learning outcomes of this course is to build your confidence in figuring out things on your own, troubleshooting problems and teaching yourself. You are not alone in this and there is massive GIS user community available for you to tap as well as extensive online documentation. These are all resources availalbe even after you are done with this class:
  • ESRI Support Pages
  • Esri Support Forums - There are lots of different subforums for specific problems. For general queries, use the ArcGIS Deskop -General forum. All sorts of users just like yourself post questions and problems here, which are responded to by other users, GIS professionals, and ESRI employees. They are also an excellent place to go to search for problems and see if others are having it. 
  • Desktop Help from ArcGIS Resource Center - This is the online help and it has a wealth of information.
We encourage you to start making use of these resources early and often.