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Check your Grades...

posted Apr 25, 2011, 7:36 PM by Joseph Wheaton   [ updated Dec 17, 2011, 10:29 AM by Joseph Wheaton ]

Check Your Grades

You should check your grades on Blackboard during dead week. If you've submitted everything on time, you should have a grade for all the quizzes, all the labs but SP1, and everything on the projects except the final report itself.

  • If your grades show parentheses, this means you are missing assignments.
  • You'll notice a new grade item at the bottom of your grades list that is a Course Running Total. This is the number of points you would earn out of 100 if you receive full credit on your project report and Lab SP1 (i.e. this is the maximum score you could achieve excluding extra credit and effort adjustments).

What if Something is Missing or Incorrect

  • If you turned it in on time, send Shannon and I an email and we will figure it out.
  • If you are missing a score for something you turned in late, check back at the end of this week.

What do these scores mean?

  • These scores are a preliminary estimate of how you are doing in the course prior to the final project and SP1. Remember SP1 is worth 2.5% of your total course grade and the final project report/manuscript is worth 32.5%.
  • All grades in Blackboard are PROVISIONAL, and are not final until I verify their accuracy when submitting them to Banner and the Registrar
  • Refer back to the grading criteria for a reminder of how grades are calculated, weighted, etc.
  • I will make a final judgement call when final grades are being decided, as to whether or not your earned points is a fair representation of the letter grade you should earn. If you are a borderline case (e.g. > 89.5% but < 90%) I will look for evidence of extra effort through extra credit indicators, number of posts on the forums, etc.. If I see clear evidence of such effort, I may opt to bump your final grade to the next letter grade. If I don't see such evidence, I will leave your grade at the points you earned.

When will I revive my Final Grade?

  • Your final project grade will NOT be posted until the Monday after finals week to Banner.
  • As I complete grading of your final projects, you may find a tentative final grade in Blackboard.
  • Limited feedback will be provided on the final projects on Blackboard. If you'd like more detailed feedback, email me after you've received your grade and we can arrange a time to discuss your project.
  • If you have any questions about your final grade or project grade email me by May 7th