Geoprocessing & Efficiency


Introduction to Topic

From ESRI's Help:

"Geoprocessing is for everyone that uses ArcGIS. Whether you're a beginning user or a pro, geoprocessing will become an essential part of your day-to-day work with ArcGIS.

The fundamental purposes of geoprocessing are to allow you to automate your GIS tasks and perform spatial analysis and modeling. Almost all uses of GIS involve the repetition of work, and this creates the need for methods to automate, document, and share multiple-step procedures known as workflows. Geoprocessing supports the automation of workflows by providing a rich set of tools and a mechanism to combine a series of tools in a sequence of operations using models and scripts...." - ...READ MORE.

Why we're Covering it

Geoprocessing is what helps make you efficient in your spatial analyses. Whether its combining multiple tools into one using model builder, batch processing a large quantity of data, writing some simple Python scripts, or leveraging the functionality of the Results window, geoprocessing is what can help you move from a novice GIS user, to a highly proficient power user.

Learning Outcomes

This topic supports primary learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4 for the course.

Lecture Materials

Geoprocessing & Scripting

Additional Resources

Geoprocessing in ArcGIS

Batch Processing

Finding Existing Tools and Scripts

Geoprocessing with Model Builder



Plug-Ins are typically tool-bars that are installed externally and produced by someone other than ESRI, to work within ArcGIS.

Python Programming