Course Topics

These courses are organized into a series of topics, which we will cover in the order listed below.  For each topic, you will find downloads of lecture materials, links to  reading assignments, links to lab assignments and materials, and additional information. Please note, that:
  • topic pages may not be fully populated until we get to that topic in lecture; some lecture topics will appear populated with lectures and content from the previous year's lecture.
  • topic pages may be updated even after we've covered a topic as typos and inconsistencies are brought to our attention or as we find new material that may help you better understand a topic
  • if you find any problems or something that is confusing, please post a comment or question to the appropriate topic forum.

WATS 4930/6920 Topics

Note that Weeks 1-4 are WATS 6915 Topics.

Past Topics

The topics below have either been reincorporated into the above topics or removed. We maintain this list as a reference resource: