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Week 10: Collecting Your Own Data

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Lab 10 - Blimp & Georeferencing

Week 10


Introduction to Topic

In this week's lectures we cover the fundamentals of coordinate surveying via either traditional total stations or GPS. These are the backbones to how all GIS data is collected (even imagery as we will see in lab).

Learning Outcomes

This fulfills course learning outcomes 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Lecture Materials

Field Surveying

Past Years

Wrap - up GPS:


Ground-Based LiDaR or Terrestrial Laser Scanning Demo 


Guest Lecture From Aggie Air's Austin Jensen
Austin Jensen is with USU's Aggie Air and talks to us about their drones on occasion. Here's his lecture from 2012:

Additional Resources

Blimps & Drones

Total Station Surveying:

GPS Surveying: