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Week 05: Vector Analyses


Introduction to Topic

All data and every analysis we do in GIS has some uncertainty associated with it. These can include unreliability uncertainties (e.g. measurement error, resolution, etc.), and structural uncertainties (e.g. methodological choices). Sometimes those uncertainties matter and sometimes they don't. That judgement call can only be made effectively when the purpose of the analysis is clearly articulated and the significance of uncertainty can be appropriately contextualized.

This week we will also focus on what types of analyses we can do with discrete vector data (e.g. points, polylines and  polygons).

Why we're Covering it

This class places more of an emphasis on raster-based analyses and/or analyses that combine vector and raster data sources. Vector analyses are focused on more in the WATS 2930 GIS class. However, vector based analyses are a critical part of many GIS problems and this class is incomplete without some coverage of these basics.

Learning Outcomes

These lectures, readings and Lab 05 all help fulfill primary learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 & 4.


Vector Analyses

Vector-based spatial analyses of discrete spatial data is one of the most power forms of geographic analysis. 
Podcast of Vector Analyses

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Analyses Combining Raster & Vector Data

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Network Analyses

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