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Week 08 & 09: GIS Modeling

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Week 08


Introduction to Topic

Modeling in GIS is not a phrase that is used consistently amongst GIS practitioners. In this week, we will take modeling to mean the process of interpolation of discrete point observations to represent that data as a continuous surface or the derivation of other surfaces (i.e. morphometric analysis) from such interpolated surfaces. One could also view this as an extension of the Raster Analyses and Vector Analyses we have been discussing over the past three weeks.

Why we're Covering it

Our coverage of morphometric analyses is intended to help you realize that there are wealth of spatial anlayses you can do with DEMs beyond just creating pretty pictures and providing context. Although our coverage of DEMs focused on TIN-based interpolation schemes last week, here we will touch on the plethora of other interpolation techniques available for building continuous surfaces from point observation data.

Learning Outcomes

These lectures, readings and Lab 07 all help fulfill primary learning outcomes 1 & 2.

Lecture Materials

Morphometric Analyses of Topography

Past Lectures:

Spatial Estimation & InterpolationInterpolation Podcast

Past Lectures

Habitat Modeling

  • Habitat Modeling Podcast WrapUp
     2015 Thursday Lecture - PDF
  • We covered HSI models in lecture, and a podcast rounds out the habitat modeling lecture. For a playlist of all the podcast segments in this series visit here
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Past Lectures

Guest Lecture From Sean Maday (Google Earth)

Sean read an article in the Associated Press on our Blimp Lab and reached out to learn more about what were doing. Sean works for Google Earth and came to give a guest lecture back  in 2011 and 2012.


Building Custom GIS Applications & Software - Philip Bailey

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